Who Is Remi Harvey?

Remi Harvey is known as an actress, model, producer and former beauty queen.

It is an urban legend that Remi exited the womb dancing, acting, and modeling. She excelled at all things performing arts such as: Ballet, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, step team, pageants, and modeling.

After high school Remi desired earning a degree so she worked 3 jobs to pay for college while earning her Bachelors in Business. Choosing to wholeheartedly devote her time to a career in entertainment, Harvey first moved to to New York City, where she found work as a Print/Runway Model and Commercial Actress then relocated to Los Angeles to take Hollywood by storm. 

Remi is a loving wife and devoted Mother which is always her favorite role. Remi wants her daughters to first hand witness her never giving up on her dreams even as they learn of the many sacrifices, pauses, and breaks she took for her purpose as Mommy. 

Remi has appeared on several television shows such as The Dr. Oz Show, The Meredith Vieira Show, Let's Make A Deal, several Music Videos, Commercials, Plays, and Films. With more training and experience under her belt and Representation across the board, its only a matter of time before you see her utilizing all the gifts God has gifted her with and spreading His love every where she goes. 

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